Calum Speirs was born on 18th November 1994, one minute before his beloved twin sister Jenna. He lived on Mountstuart Road, Rothesay on the Isle of Bute with his Mum & Dad and beloved twin sister Jenna.  Calum was a fit and healthy young man until he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in January 2006. Calum’s diagnosis devastated his whole family.

Calum fought bravely to beat the tumour, but it was not to be, and Calum passed away on 16th February 2007, just 13 months later.  Throughout those 13 months, Calum was an inspiration to all who knew and met him. Calum always laughed and smiled and despite what he was going through, Calum’s main priority was always to think of others.

Calum and Jenna

Duncan, Caroline, Calum and Jenna packed as much as they could into those 13 precious months, meeting a variety of celebrities, going to places they could never have imagined and meeting a lot of people who would help them in the future.

Throughout his time in hospital, Calum heard many sad stories, and knowing that he lived in a beautiful part of the world, thought that it would be special for children suffering from cancer to come to Bute and make special irreplaceable memories with their families. Calum came up with the idea of ‘Calums Caravan’ and the Speirs family decided to start fundraising to purchase a caravan to allow families dealing with a child with cancer to come for a holiday on Bute.  This fundraising was put on hold as Calum’s condition worsened; with the hope of restarting it when Calum got better.  Sadly, this was not to be, and on 21st February 2007 there was a collection at Calum’s Service, to help purchase ‘Calums Caravan’, £3428 was raised.  The fundraising had restarted.