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Thought Provoking Image

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This picture is from Sunday's memorial service in Glasgow....... 

The balloons which aren't all shown in this picture are for each child who has been lost in the last 5 years from the Schiellion ward, all the hope and dreams that families had for their child gone.

Childhood Cancer claims the lives of more children than all other childhood diseases combined.

Children's cancer wards are sadly always full, there are always demands on beds, rooms, drip stands to name but a few, it's a world no one wants to know about, and definitely not be part of, but sadly so many children and their families are waking up in wards, either because they are going through treatment, because their temperature has spiked, because they have an infection, because they are awaiting or post bone marrow transplant or because they are waking up for the first time in a totally alien world and don't have a clue what is going on because they are so numb about their child's diagnosis. Please remember all those families today and always. 

We need to keep raising awareness of Childhood Cancer in September. Thank you x

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